Sustainability in practice

I have been involved in a number of collaborative projects and independent pieces on various sustainability related themes, engaging across academia, business, and the public sector- and coving topics including climate, biodiversity, wages and sustainable finance.
Reports and publications

2016: Research consultant on report with ACCA reviewing reporting from fossil fuel companies, both traditional and integrated reporters, on the risk of 'stranded assets'.

Filling the information black hole: how are fossil fuel companies

reporting on the stranded asset risk?


2015: Co-author on knowledge exchange project with the University of Strathclyde and the Living Wage Foundation on the business case for the UK Living Wage. 

Living Wage Employers: evidence of UK Business Cases


2014: Research consultant contributing to a report with ACCA considering the sustainability requirements of 10 national exchanges in sub-Saharan Africa.

Stock exchanges in sub-Saharan Africa: capturing intent towards ESG requirements


2014: Research consultant on ACCA/FFI/KPMG briefing paper reviewing the corporate reporting of a number of key natural commodities. 

Business and investors: providers and users of natural capital disclosure

2013: Research consultant on ACCA/FFI/KPMG briefing paper considering issues around the materiality principle and natural capital risk in corporate reporting.

Identifying natural capital risk and materiality

2012: Co-author on report with ACCA/FFI/KPMG evaluating the extent to which the accounting profession considers the significance of biodiversity in practice.

Is natural capital a material issue?: An evaluation of the relevance of biodiversity and ecosystem services to accountancy professionals and the private sector

Other research and online content


2016- onwards: Sustainability related articles with a public sector focus for Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) Scotland.

Exploring interactions in (inter)national measurements linked to

sustainable development: from Scotland to Iceland

Committee on Climate Change – Reducing Emissions in Scotland

Progress Report 2016

2013: Research and analysis of climate change related disclosure in the annual reporting of global oil and gas multinationals for Carbon Tracker Initiative and ACCA.

Carbon Avoidance?: Accounting for the emissions hidden in reserves


2013: Research and case study work for CDSB's (Climate Disclosure Standards Board) guide to their investor focused 'Climate Change Reporting Framework'.

Communicating climate change in mainstream reports


2013: Contributory research to the IIRC's (International Integrated Reporting Council) background paper on the incorporation of multiple capitals into integrated reporting.

Capitals: background paper for IR

2012: Author of a series of sustainability related blogs and articles to support ACCA's 'Global Virtual Conference' in October 2012.

ACCA insights blog 


2012: Research and analysis for CPSL (Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership) on natural capital management within the pharmaceutical sector.

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