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A more play-list for 2022: 22 pedals to get outside and have fun (feat. cafes) 

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Quick links to pedals

Along the River Clyde to the David Livingstone Birthplace Museum, Blantyre

Off-peak peaking: take a train, and loop around Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh all day

15 minute city cafes in Glasgow: pedal to a cafe in each direction from Glasgow city centre 

Throughout this year I am developing a number (well 22, as an aim...) different trips and experiences to take by bike (and also by walking, running, swimming and other means) in Glasgow, and further afield. They will share stories, pictures, and videos of my (as well as with help and input from some friends) ideas, tips and experiences of getting outside by these ways of moving and travel- and the health, wellbeing and environmental benefits of an active lifestyle.  

But there is more to active mobility than 'just the cycling (running, walking, etc)'- they are about 'doing' stuff. They are ways of engaging and 'participating' in the world around us, learning about and discovering places and their stories, meeting new people and seeing new things, becoming more confident in your physical and mental ability to do things independently or with others. And perhaps, most importantly, they can be incredibly exhilarating and fun. And we could do with fostering more fun and play in our world in ways that doesn't harm the places around us.

Oh, and getting on your bike can be a great way of getting to your favourite, or finding new, cafes... And, for me, cycling is often just really long (or short) trips to different cafes... And the more you cycle, the more coffee and pastries you deserve and actually *need* to keep going. Right?! :)   

The trips and routes I suggest here will include ways to generally get around the city by bike, some good cafes and places of cultures to visit, ways to access nature that are outwith the city (which links to my research on engaging with water)- interwoven with tips about cycling infrastructure, using public transport, and how to be well prepared for being outside in Scotland all year round. Many will be routes and destinations you might like to enact yourself (or tinker with a bit to suit your needs)- see for example cycling to the David Livingstone Birthplace Museum in Blantyre. Others are more just a bit of a 'performance' on my part to give some ideas about the fun things you can think up to do when you get confident on your bike- such as 'Off-peak peaking around Edinburgh's Arthur's Seat'- but maybe they are something you'd like to try too! 

Fundamentally they will all be about getting outside, engaging with place, and showing ways in which cycling can be combined with doing various other things. I'll provide some photographs, maps, descriptions and any other relevant information or external links for each- click on the dropdown menu from the tab above. Maybe, once I have developed these more, I'll offer them as guided trips in which you can come along on... but, for now, maybe they can be some inspiration for getting outside. Have fun free-wheeling! :) 
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