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Mobility, place and cycling

Thinking, exploring and writing about the ways we relate to and manage space, place, movement in society- and how these relate to wider social and ecological issues- has been a big part of the 'work' and 'play' of my life for many years. The following projects, publications and other outputs are some that I have been involved in over the past decade, often with a specific focus on active forms of mobility such as walking and cycling. 
Previous work and other projects


2010/11: Involvement in a project management and research capacity of EU FP7 Research project Carbon Aware Travel CHoices (CATCH), which aimed to reduce the carbon impact of urban transport.


2011 onwards: Voluntary ranger with UK cycling charity Sustrans, contributing to the upkeep and maintenance of a section of the National Cycle Network.  

2007: Marketing and public information provision role with the Glasgow bus division of public transport operator First Group.

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